Rowan Fitzgerald Auctioneers are “Recognised European Valuers” and are confident in carrying out your property valuation requirement in an efficient manner. Given that we have extensive knowledge of Limerick and its surrounding environs is, of course, a key factor.

Before issuing a value on a particular property, as many similar or like comparable’s as possible are sought in order to come to as accurate a figure as possible at the time of valuation.

We carry out valuations for all types of property matters such as:

  • Mortgage Applications

  • Land Transfer

  • Probate

  • Legal Issues

  • Rental Valuations

What does it mean when your Auctioneer or Estate Agent is ” An REV”? All valuers are not the same!

REV stands for “Recognised European Valuer”. They are part of Tegova who represents the leading organisations in property valuations in Europe.

History and Role

Formally Euroval, Tegova emerged in June 1997.

Tegova is proudly Europe’s national valuers association. Their aim is to lead and create the standards for valuation practice, education, ethics and corporate governance for property valuers in Europe. Its members are supported by introducing and implementing these strict standards. Tegova represents 53 associations from 3o European states with over 70,000 members.


Tegova includes 3 different type of member: full, associate and observer members.

The Group is open to:

  • Organisations representing valuers of the European Union
  • Organisations representing valuers from non- EU countries
  • Organisations admitted on a case-by-case by basis.
  • Private or unqualified persons cannot be members.

Legal Form

The ‘European Group of Valuers’ Associations’, or in French ‘Groupe européen des associations d’experts immobiliers’, in short ‘TEGOVA’, is a non-profit organisation established in Brussels, under Belgian Law.

Accounts-Auditors for Tegova.

A financial statement of the Association prepared by certified accountants is provided annually. An auditor appointed by the General Assembly certifies the financial statements.

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