Property prices up countrywide but Dublin City most expensive place to live in

It would appear from the final report for 2016 from Property website that the business of selling and letting properties outside Dublin is growing rapidly which is good news for Limerick Auctioneers and Estate Agents, also those in Cork, Waterford and Galway.  The reason for this seems to be down to the lack of available homes for sale in Dublin and a sharp increase in the house prices of those that are currently on the market. Purchasers are being forced to move outside the capital when looking for somewhere to live. Nationally the average asking price for a house rose by 8%  in 2016.

The report broken down however confirmed that Waterford experienced the biggest increase  with list prices up by 14.6%.  Limerick was close behind with housing prices up by 14%, Galway increased by 13% with Cork prices up by just over 9%. It is also reported that in most cases the average selling price is above the list price by as much as 7% in Connacht, 1% in Leinster and just a little over the asking price in Munster. Read more at the