Market Snapshot for Limerick.

Numbers from 2019 say that the price of the average house actually declined, this is the first sign of a fall since the start of the economic upturn about 8 years ago. According to the drop was 1.2%. The drop was mostly seen in falling prices in Dublin where prices had trended upwards in the last couple of years. In other parts of the country, such as Limerick City prices actually rose, however as you go out to Co. Limerick, the property market experienced a slowdown in the last 3 or 4 months of 2019. Looking forward, it is hard to anticipate what will happen in Limerick the property market in 2020 as the supply is very much below demand. On a good note,the local economy in Limerick is performing close to full employment, which yes, is good news but it is contributing to the increase in demand.