OECD raises possibility of ‘another property bubble’ as it warns of overheating in Irish economy

SIGNS of overheating have started to be seen in the Irish economy, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has warned – and Brexit remains the biggest risk.

In its latest biannual economic outlook, the Paris-based agency pointed out that new mortgage lending and loans to small businesses have risen sharply in recent months, as the property market remains buoyant despite high bank lending rates.


Limerick City Centre: Limerick city has little at entry level. Source: Independent.ie

Limerick city’s economic prospects continue to lift, driven by increased employment from multinationals like Uber and Regeneron as well as the creation of new jobs in a plethora of mid-sized home grown enterprises. Retail streets are brightening up again; new outlets, restaurants and nightclubs are opening.

Shannonside prices were tumbling just three years ago (down 10pc in the year to 2013) but after many years in the doldrums, the city’s market has experienced successive years of steady growth.