Tips for tenants hunting for rental property in Limerick.
Over the last couple of weeks, we have been asked by tenant’s in the Limerick property scene what’s the best way to apply for a house or an apartment. I have put together a couple of pointers which I hope will be of benefit to you.
When you attend a viewing:
1. Bring a photocopy of:
Previous agency or landlord reference.
Any other reference you feel relevant.
(In the case of a previous landlord reference. “Do” ask your landlord to include a landline phone number and a home address if at all possible. Without these, the reference sometimes may not appear quite verifiable.)
2. Good idea to confirm the viewing beforehand with the landlord or agent who you are meeting. This will show you are an organised type of person.
3. Dress neatly, with the shortage of property, it’s a good idea to treat the viewing similar to an interview.
4. Bring with you a written list of questions. Again this will show you are organised.
5. Now, “Going” the extra mile!
Another good tip is to take an hour or two of out of your day and phone a couple of Auctioneers and Estate Agents and arrange to call to their office with a scheduled appointment. Ask to speak with the lettings manager and arrange to meet them at their office for 10-15 minutes.
Here’s the important part! Bring with you the copies of your ID and references and have them in a folder(you can buy for about e1 in any stationary shop) and be able to tell the person what you are looking for and hand the folder to them at the end of your chat. Now, they not only have spoken to you on the phone but have met you in person and are able to put a “face to the name”. This is a very good way of getting a call back on properties coming up that have not even been advertised.

Credit Rating. Not many people are aware of this but it is possible to obtain a copy of your credit rating. It’s also very cost-effective, only e6. If you go to the Irish Credit Bureau(ISO Accredited) at you can apply for your own credit rating and it will then be posted out to you. If you are to include a copy of this with your references it will go a long way.

I hope these tips have been of help!