Moving house can be a daunting task. Feel free to follow our Moving House Check list to ensure your move runs as smooth as possible.

Moving House Checklist.

  • When viewing potential properties for rent, always, if you can bring a copy of your identification, current employer reference and a landlord reference with you. If you find the property you like you can give these to the Agent or the Landlord straight away. Chances are you are now one step ahead of any other viewers looking at the property and the Agent or Landlord will appreciate your efficiency.
  • Arrange a moving van in time if one is needed.
  • Give your current Landlord the sufficient notice.
  • Transfer Gas and Electricity accounts to your new address.
  • Set up new Standing Order for new rent account.
  • Arrange overdraft for this account in the event that your account is a little short on the rent day. This helps avoid any arrears in rent.

On or before the day you take possession of the property the Agent or Landlord will need the following:

  • Photocopy of Passport or Drivers Licence from all tenants over 18 years.
  • Work & Previous Landlord Reference.
  • PPS No. to register the tenancy with the PRTB. (See for more information)
  • Balance of funds due.

Inform the following of your new address:

  • Post Office.
  • Revenue.
  • Bank.
  • Employer.
  • Insurance, car, possession insurance etc.
  • Satellite/Cable company.
  • Broadband company.
  • Your children’s Schools.
  • Refuse accounts/Bins.
  • Change your registration for voting.
  • Parking Permit if you have one.
  • Let your Doctors, Dentists etc know.