In a significant development, Tinwat Holdings has been granted approval by council planners for its ambitious housing project on the outskirts of Moyross. This venture will introduce 115 new residential units, along with a 90-bedroom nursing home, complemented by a cafe and pharmacy, shaping a vibrant neighborhood center.

This endeavor marks the second phase of a larger initiative for the area. The initial phase, unveiled in January and set to include a private hospital, had already received the green signal earlier this year.

Situated at Moyross Avenue, adjacent to the new Coonagh to Knockalisheen Road, this housing scheme promises a mix of housing options. Among the 73 units sanctioned in the second phase, there will be a combination of two-storey, three-bedroom units, along with four-bedroom dwellings spanning two or three floors. Additionally, 27 three-storey three-bedroom units are in the blueprints.

Accompanying these residences will be a four-storey neighborhood center, featuring amenities tailored to the community’s needs. Included within this center will be a block of 42 two-bedroom apartments, specially designed with communal spaces for the elderly. Furthermore, plans encompass a chemist with a convenient drive-through dispensary window, a cozy coffee shop, and a retail unit for everyday needs.

Mowlam Healthcare is slated to oversee the nursing home operation, expected to generate employment opportunities for 90 individuals upon completion. Meanwhile, the forthcoming hospital, managed by UPMC, anticipates creating 200 new positions, bolstering the local economy.

Construction is scheduled to commence this summer, with developers outlining a phased approach, culminating in the establishment of the 90-bed nursing home.

Council planners have attached 34 conditions to their approval, including a mandate for 10% of parking spaces to accommodate electric vehicles, reflecting a commitment to sustainable practices in this forward-thinking development.